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MedBrief’s midwifery services: An overview

MedBrief is not made by just our innovative tech but the incredible knowledge of our in-house clinical team.

MedBrief is not made by just our innovative tech but the incredible knowledge of our in-house clinical team. Within our clinical team we have built a specialist midwifery group, who exclusively manage casework related to obstetrics. With the rise in public awareness of significant birth injury group action cases, we are incredibly proud of the work our midwives can contribute to the wider litigation process.

Expert insight

What makes us different is our team’s high level of clinical expertise. Our 11 midwives have decades of clinical experience between them, so they’re in the best position to evaluate whether procedures align with best practices and the relevant guidelines. This insight is essential in determining if anything has been overlooked.

A team you can rely on

Each member brings a diverse set of skills to MedBrief. They collaborate closely, sharing their observations to ensure that every case is accurately reviewed. Their collaborative approach ensures a thorough examination from multiple perspectives and provides your casework with extensive expertise. We have three experienced midwives working in our chronologies team, working on a triage basis to pull out the key information on each case and ensure that the result for our clients is an appropriately detailed outline of their case with direct reference to the records.

In-depth record review

Our team diligently reviews all medical records to understand the details of each case. This includes checking allegations, examining the plan of care, and assessing adherence to relevant medical guidelines.

Within our field, clinical expertise is invaluable. Our team’s ability to analyse practice to determine how it fits into the wider scope of care sets us apart within the litigation industry. We believe that the medical element of medico-legal is vital to ensure cases are viewed within the correct context. Our midwives can logically piece together cases spanning many months or years, sometimes from thousands of records from pregnancy through to neonatal and paediatric care.


We prioritise providing cost-effective solutions to our clients. On a request basis, we can begin with a summary report that outlines our findings and recommendations, along with supporting guidelines. This approach allows solicitors to make informed decisions about proceeding with a case and incurring costs on further services. If required, we can provide a full chronology after the summary review.

MedBrief are committed to delivering accurate, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for your clinical negligence cases. We analyse every aspect of your case and provide you with the insights you need to make informed decisions.

To find out more about our midwifery services or how we can transform your casework management, visit our website

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