The MedBrief difference

We are driving massive industry change through more efficient, secure and technologically minded solutions to medical records processing problems.

Paperless, secure and accessible anywhere, MedBrief offers significantly safer, quicker and more environmentally friendly solutions for litigation professionals to manage their cases.

Our mission

We want to develop solutions to expedite fair resolution of litigation claims to the benefit of all parties.

We are overturning the norm in medical negligence litigation processes. Our platform is unmatched to optimise all matters relating to the handling of medical records in legal cases.

Our core values

  • Forever learning and growing

    Innovation our driving force. We are always open to a challenge: no case is too complex for us to sort, no client query too difficult for us to find a solution to.

  • Committed in heart and mind

    We are deeply compassionate about the cases we deal with. Our wide-ranging industry experience means we understand that behind every matter is someone who has potentially had their entire life changed. We act with dignity and respect.

  • Pride in our work

    We ensure quality in everything we do. Our in-house teams combine technical knowledge of their line of work with an intricate understanding of our unique platform, facilitating excellent client services and efficiency.

  • Fearlessness

    We have never been afraid to stand out as industry innovators. Our technologically minded and environmentally friendly solutions distinguish us from our competitors. We are doing what no one else has dreamed of yet.

  • Teamwork

    Our multi-disciplinary teams collaborate effectively to complete work and solve complex problems. We celebrate our excellent interdepartmental communication, enabled by a shared vision for industry change and an ingrained sense of togetherness.