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Private cloud hosting

Focused records requesting

Digital, paperless collation

Private cloud hosting

  • dashboard

    All your casework documents can be accessed through our secure, individual matter dashboards.

  • password

    No additional software or downloads required, simply log in to your MedBrief account.

  • print_disabled

    Eliminate the need to print, photocopy or send physical bundles.

Focused records requesting

We handle the entire records requesting process for you.

  • person_play

    Our experienced team coordinate all administration associated with obtaining the records in a timely fashion.

  • history

    Less time and energy spent chasing up on records. We have it covered.

Missing, incomplete and updating records can be requested as part of this service.

  • docs_apps_script

    We provide a holistic approach to records requesting and collation, meaning any additional records required can be easily obtained.

  • magic_exchange

    A seamless process from start to finish, reducing time spent balancing communications between centres and collation providers.

All disclosing parties can upload records and radiology to our system without charge.

  • cloud_sync

    Quick, easy and instantly available.

  • vital_signs

    Simplify administration and communications.

Digital, paperless collation

  • diversity_2

    Access the UK's largest team of clinicians collating medical records, made up exclusively of employed staff to ensure a consistently fast and reliable process.

  • eyeglasses

    All work is reviewed by a senior member of the team before being uploaded, resulting in the most accurate final product.

  • assistant_on_hub

    Digital collation means no printing is necessary. Our paperless services support you in your sustainability journey.

Expertly produced chronology

We provide top-quality chronologies detailing salient events, results, procedures, and imagery with reference to the paginated records.

  • Accessible summary of salient events designed to be read and understood by someone without a clinical background.

  • Setting the standard of the UK market, containing an appropriate level of detail to accurately summarise the records without simply repeating their content.

  • Updates can be made at any point as the case progresses.

  • Nothing is outsourced, downloading is prohibited, and there is no printing involved at any stage.

Cost-effective clinical summary

Mitigate the risk of unsuccessful claims with a records review at earliest stage of the investigation.

  • We provide insight and information to make an early assessment on how the claim might be defended or provide an opportunity for an early admission.

  • Offered at a fixed cost per matter, regardless of the volume of records.

  • Invaluable summary for review by a clinician in advance of them preparing a more detailed report.

  • For obstetric and birth injury cases at these initial stages of investigation, we offer a specialised Birth Injury Review by our highly trained specialist midwifery team.

Secure and instant disclosure

Control additional party access to records through our disclosure portal.

  • Share records and documents with defendant parties without having to physically send bundles.

  • Select and track files to disclose.

  • Disclosure fees can be directly charged to the requesting parties through our invoicing service.