Seamless medico-legal processes, facilitating fairer outcomes for all.

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Keep all your casework in one place, on one platform.


Accessible anywhere, without a single piece of paper printed.


A technology-forward approach unmatched in the sector.



Endless possibilities Endless possibilities

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  • radiology

    Obtain, collate and distribute medical records and medical imagery.

  • magic_exchange

    Easy to use and accessible anywhere.

  • token

    The only portal of its kind in the UK.

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records processing

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  • category

    Transforming sort and pagination through intelligent digital solutions.

  • layers

    Collating on average over 65,730 pages per week.

  • temp_preferences_eco

    Paperless: Less cost to you, less cost for the planet.

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Digital innovation matched with human expertise

MedBrief team1
MedBrief team2
  • diversity_2

    Dedicated, multi-disciplinary team with knowledge spanning the medical, legal and technology sectors.

  • support_agent

    First-class, friendly client support services to help you get exactly what you need from our platform.

  • auto_fix

    Enhance your casework with the combined benefits of industry knowledge and state-of-the-art tech.

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Pages not printed


Carbon reduction per employee


Matters opened in the last year

  • cloud


    • Keep all your case documents in one place.

    • Save time and money otherwise spent photocopying physical bundles for individual use.

    • Share and distribute records with unlimited users.

  • manage_search

    Records requesting

    • Fully managed communications to request from centres across the UK and the world.

    • Efficient and effective, facilitated by our existing relationships and structured processes.

    • Keep track of your requests on our bespoke matter dashboards.

  • collections_bookmark


    • Collate records into logical, downloadable sets through our world leading DocSorter application.

    • All work is completed by our experienced in-house clinical team.

    • Fully adaptable to your individual requirements.

  • format_list_numbered


    • Detailed table-format chronology, accompanied by a clinical summary highlighting the salient events.

    • Specialisations from cardiology to orthopaedics, in addition to our dedicated midwifery team.

    • Excellent resource to navigate records

  • diagnosis

    Clinical summary

    • Assess the merits of a case before records have been sorted.

    • Completed by a senior clinician.

    • Mitigate cost from cases that do not have a strong basis to succeed in litigation.

  • partner_exchange


    • Share records and documents with defendants.

    • Complete control and traceability throughout your disclosure process.

    • Avoid long waits for physical court bundles to arrive. Everything is available to view almost instantly.

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